The Top 10 Reasons to Vote Yes on Marijuana Legalization

Many states in the US have legalized the use of marijuana. Here are the ten top reasons for you to vote yes to legalize marijuana.

1. Create New Jobs

Marijuana Policy Group conducted a study and found that after two years of legalization in Colorado, legal marijuana generated 18,000 new jobs. Job creation is one of the priorities in many states, so it would help decrease the unemployment rate. For an example of this just see how many different online shops are generating money selling cannabis seeds.

2. Generate Huge Revenue

In 2015, Colorado collected $135 million in taxes from marijuana sales of more than $996 million. $35 million of the tax was allocated for school construction projects. The numbers rocketed in 2016 as marijuana sales hit $1.3 billion with almost $200 million in taxes collected.

3. Lessen Discrimination

Legalizing marijuana brings the opportunity to lessen the discrimination and stigma from the War on Drugs. The police have unfairly targeted people of colour for decades with marijuana as an excuse to arrest them. They will not face those crimes any more once marijuana is legalized. 

4. Reduce Crimes

Legal marijuana will reduce criminal punishments for marijuana offences. Many sentences may also be reduced. This will also protect minors from being jailed.

5. Replace Toxic, Addictive Drugs

The US has a widespread problem with opioid overdose. Deaths caused by legal drugs are higher than those from all illegal drugs combined. It takes little cost to grow marijuana, but it can be used as a substitute to 17 popular medicinal drugs. Legal marijuana can save the lives of many people.

6. Protect Consumer’s Health

Once marijuana is legal, lawmakers can create state-wide regulations on consistency, quality, and dosages. Packages will have clear labels, so children cannot easily get them.

7. Support Existing Businesses with Anti-Monopoly Protections

Existing marijuana providers will be the first to get licenses. The law will also prohibit licenses to large growers, thus preventing creating a monopoly.

8. Allow Trouble Free Home Cultivation

You do not need to hide your herbs when people come over as marijuana legalization will allow home cultivation of up to six plants.

9. Marijuana Is Safer than Tobacco and Alcohol

In the US, tobacco use is the number one cause of preventable deaths, and one in 10 adult deaths can be attributed to alcohol poisoning. Over 30,000 deaths annually are alcohol-related. On the other hand, no fatal overdose has even been pointed to marijuana use. Legal marijuana can offer a more controlled and safer option.

10. Open Opportunities for Industrial Hemp

Industrial hemp is the non-psychoactive form of marijuana. Legalizing the plant will open up the uses of hemp for medicine, food, fibre, fuel, and many others.

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