Guide to High Yielding Cannabis Seeds

high yielding seeds - guide

If you’re a weed grower looking for a greater yield in little space and with little effort, you need to go for the high yielding cannabis seeds. These are the most powerful hybrids when it comes to the yield size. With a bigger yield, high yielding cannabis seeds will also bring greater profits, which is the primary reason for their popularity.

Reasons for choosing high yielding cannabis seeds            

Besides growing cannabis for personal use, it is also a fast-growing business in today’s world. Bigger yields and bigger profits are what every business looks for. Other than creating the right conditions for the plants to grow, you’ll also need to start with strong seed varieties to ensure success. Here are the reasons for choosing high yielding cannabis seeds over standard varieties:

●      Greater yield

When given the right conditions for cannabis to grow, high yielding seeds can produce the maximum yield possible. With these types of seeds, you can expect a yield anywhere between 500 to 900 grams/m2.

●      Suitable for limited space

High yielding seeds are ideal for indoor cultivation, especially those who only have limited space to grow. With a shortage of space, high yielding cannabis seeds can maximize efficiency for you and allow you to enjoy an adequate harvest.

●      Same great flavor and potency

Even with the bigger size of the yield, you’ll get to enjoy the same great flavor and potency that you expect from excellent quality cannabis.

Which cannabis seeds yield the most?

Even within the high yielding cannabis seeds at Sticky Seeds, there’s an array of choices to select. Different varieties offer different results; here is a list of the ones that are known to produce the greatest yield:

  • White Window
  • Big Bud
  • Amnesia Haze
  • Silver Haze
  • Fruit Spirit
  • Northern Lights

Hybrids and feminized varieties of these seeds also create impressive yields.    

Why choose feminized?

When speaking of higher cannabis yields, feminized seeds cannot be ignored. If you want the biggest yields possible, choose feminized seeds. These seeds are developed to produce only female plants to ensure maximum yield. With the standard seed varieties, there’s only a 50% chance of obtaining a female plant, which lowers productivity.

Where to buy them?                                  

Here’s a list of online stores that sell high yielding cannabis seeds:

Sticky Seeds

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