What is a Percolator Bong

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“Percolator” is a commonly used term in the cannabis smoking accessories industry. You’ve probably seen a percolator bong on Instagram or with a buddy. We take a closer look at how a percolator can improve your smoking experience with a bong.

So what exactly is a ‘percolator’

Simply put, a percolator is part of a certain type of glass bong. The percolator breaks down the smoke into smaller parts. Most percolator bongs have several chambers with water and smaller holes in addition to the main chamber.

The smoke must travel a long way to your mouth, which results in a smoother smoking experience. If the percolator bong has several water chambers, the smoke is filtered and cooled even better.

If you’ve never seen a percolator bong, the best thing to do is go back to the physics class. The percolator ensures that the smoke is pressed through tiny holes. This is how the smoke is broken down into small water bubbles. Unlike a few large bubbles, the surface area of ​​the smoke that comes into contact with water is larger with several smaller bubbles. As more surface comes into contact with water, the temperature of the smoke cools down faster.

Combined with the long way the smoke has to travel, the whole thing leads to fresher and cleaner smoking experience. For many people, this is the preferred method of consumption. It is definitely not another useless extra.

Best place for buying a percolator bong

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what is a percolator in bongs

Is the bong hit less potent with a percolator included?

The quick answer is: no. There is nothing that provides more or fewer cannabinoids when smoking a percolator bong. Although some people claim that the effect is stronger, it’s probably because you can smoke bigger heads with a percolator. If anything, a loss of THC due to the additional filtration would be conceivable. However, this is highly unlikely because THC is not water-soluble.


The advantages of a percolator bong are well known. Once you’ve smoked one, you won’t be satisfied with smoking a traditional bong. The tastier and gentler smoke ensures an enormously improved smoking experience. The lower temperature makes it easier to identify terpenes from your tongue. Apart from the fact that a percolator bong costs more, there are really no disadvantages in this regard.

Percolators are available in different versions. Let’s start with the classic: the percolator bong. As we have already mentioned, the bong is not just a fat tube; it has several chambers with water and forces the smoke to split into small bubbles. The percolator is integrated into the bong and cannot be removed or replaced.

More Information

Another interesting smoking device is the diffuser chillum. For maximum effect, you can combine a percolator bong with the right chillum. A diffuser chillum has many small holes instead of a large opening at the bottom, which is why the smoke has to be broken down into small bubbles again.

Another cool accessory for a bong is an ash catcher. The additional piece is placed between the head and the chillum. Basically, an ash catcher serves as a removable part that is supposed to catch dirt and ash so that your bong – and the smoking experience – stays clean in the long run. However, most ash traps have a built-in percolator for additional diffusion.

Percolators can be divided into other categories and are available in many different forms. However, they all have the same task. Perhaps you prefer a particular design, but there isn’t the best percolator. The most common percolator forms include tree, inline, turbine, honeycomb, shower head and spiral.

Of course, this article on percolators would not be complete without introducing you to a few of our favorite copies. We present three different models in different price categories so that everyone can enjoy a percolator.

The first percolator comes from the German brand for smoking accessories par excellence: Black Leaf. This glass bong for herbs and oils is a true masterpiece. Its price is also a great entry-level model that can be smoked extremely gently. The bong has a chillum diffuser and a 6-arm percolator in the chamber. For an even fresher smoking experience, the good piece has notches for ice cubes, which we can highly recommend.

The second bong in our list is the Blaze Inline Diffuser Oil Rig. The beautifully designed bong combines extreme functionality and sophistication in a single smoking device. The inline diffuser filters the smoke perfectly and ensures a pleasant and gentle draft.

Last but not least, the HoneyComb glass pipe from Black Leaf comes. This bubbler has some well thought out features. The large screwable closure allows easy filling and cleaning. Adding ice cream is also easier. The large opening at the top can also be used as a large kick hole for additional intoxication. The HoneyComb diffuser leads to a mild inhalation and with the oil attachment it becomes a dab rig. Since it is made of 5mm thick borosilicate glass, it is almost impossible to break it.

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