A – Z on Skunk Cannabis Seeds

Skunk Cannabis Seeds Growth

Skunk cannabis plants growing from good seeds are uniform in growth and display a consistent structure and flower time. We are an experienced provider of skunk cannabis seeds and can say that it is one of the finest examples of skunk ever.

Most skunk cannabis plants grow in height than Indica strains but the genes are seen dominating the growth and flowering stages of the plant. Robust stems and branches mean flowering is rapid and abundant. Closer observation shows a subtle sativa effect in the bud structure.

Feminine skunk cannabis seeds can be planted outdoors in moderate climates. The cannabis also grows well indoors if proper lighting is available.

It can be grown under multiple growing methods because the strain is quite robust. It is so easy to grow that even inexperienced growers can try the cultivation.


When our Skunk cannabis seeds are planted, they grow over 1m in height up to 1.5m and give a huge yield. Overall, the plant is easy to care for and the big bud structure makes it pleasant. Under controlled conditions, it gives a yield of about 65-75 g per plant or 600-650g per square metre.

When grown outdoors, the plant prefers warmer climates and produces more than 600g yield per plant. It has a shorter flowering time and is ideal for growing in northern latitudes.

Flowering takes 7-8 weeks to get the optimum flavour but you can give an extra week to enhance the smoke. Ease of growth, high yield and short flowering time makes it a great choice for commercial strains.


What makes Skunk cannabis seeds a great choice for most growers is the balance of Indica and Sativa. The equal parts in the composition give you the best of both the worlds. THC levels in this strain range from 17 to 20 percent.


Skunk is a beautiful-looking plant with radiant sugar leaves in light yellow and green with a mix of gray. The buds also contain patches of bright orange pistils curling throughout the leaves and a coating of trichomes on the surface of densely packed herb.

Leaves are healthy and dark green in color and feature normal height when in the growth phase. The wet plant, however, emits a pungent smell that anybody can sense if around.

Smell and Taste

Skunk tastes much like the ultimate old-school classic with its signature skunky flavour. A sweet tone complements the earthy undertones that round off the entire composition. It sometimes radiates a pungent smell that is much loved among connoisseurs, recreational smokers and medical marijuana patients.


While the media describes Skunk as a potent, strong, dangerous strain, it is not actually true. However, our Skunk cannabis seeds pack a punch and give you clear effects of the hybrid. It offers an amazing combination of mind and body effects when consumed. However, this strain can help you relax and soothe the body after a day’s work or in an evening when you don’t want to fall on the couch too soon.

The strain also gives some creative, inspiring and motivating effects for the mind. It can energize the brain and give a high that is uplifting and happy. This makes it a great strain for artists and creative people who like working at the later part of the day.

Skunk delivers a mix of instant head high and subtle body stone at the same time. Smokers can enjoy the fruit-like, sweet taste that makes each hit from their bong a pleasure that makes them fall in love with the strain.

Medical Uses

As a balanced cannabis strain, Skunk does not have too potent or intoxicating effects, making it ideal for regular use by medical patients. It treats problems like anxiety and depression and keeps stress away. It can also be used for mood-related disorders.

To deal with physical problems, the strain can be consumed in larger doses. It can treat everyday pains and aches, boost appetite and can be used to soothe the body after exercise or a long work day. When you consume this strain, the effects start with an energetic high accompanied by clarity of mind and creativity. As the effects peak, you feel a sense of weightlessness relaxing each and every muscle in the body.

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