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Cheese is a top-notch strain obtained by breeding the Skunk#1 with Afghani to result in an Indica hybrid with a lot of original traits that are known everywhere as old-school classics. The cross-breeding between two high-quality strains gives Cheese a composition of 60% Indica and 40% Sativa with a THC level ranging from 9 to 14%. CBD levels in this strain are medium.


Cheese cannabis seeds produce 1.5 metres long, branchy, thick cannabis plants bearing thin, elongated leaves. The plant always looks radiant and produces a large number of elongated, sticky buds featuring a unique dark-green color. The appearance of this plant is also characterized by a mix of upward arching fan-leaves and pointed sugar-leaves. Honey-blonde pistils cover trichome-rich flowers.

cheese cannabis


Cheese marijuana plant is known to tolerate most environments including high humidity. It grows really fast and is strong so it is easy to cultivate it, even for inexperienced growers. Though it responds well to all the growing methods, it thrives better if cultivated indoors. It is best to grow it in Mediterranean climates or greenhouses. It gets ready for harvest by early/mid October. Anti-odour filters are essential to neutralize the strong odour from cheese.

Flavors and Aromas

Cheese is one of the strains known for special aromas and taste. It produces a strong, long-lasting flavour and smell of cured cheese. The smoke from this strain is simply amazing. It carries a pungent aroma with a soothing flavour. It leaves traces of skunk and old cheese wherever it goes. Flavours are also described as buttery, creamy, woody and earthy while aromas it gives include sweet, sour, musk, earth and herbal.

What makes this strain so loved and enjoyable is the strong stone you get right from the first puff out of your bong or joint. It is this combination of stone and smell that makes cheese such a bestseller.


Cheese yields an average of 60 grams per plant or 450-550 grams per m2 indoors. Outdoors, the plant yields more than 800 grams per plant if the right climate is available. Smell is the biggest problem for this plant. It smells so strong that you need a carbon filter for growing it indoors.

Our cheese cannabis seeds can be harvested in 6-8 weeks after the flowering stage to get the best yields with the perfect aroma, taste and effects. If you leave it for two more weeks, you get a strain with less flavour but more punch in a pack with each puff. Growers can decide the harvest time based on the desired effects but the general rule is 6-8 weeks for cheese.


Cheese cannabis strain produces a pleasant and potent effect that begins with a cerebral stimulation. It is known for its happy, relaxed effects that get you into a blissful state of mind. With moderate levels of THC, cheese makes an excellent choice for those who want to relax after a day’s work. Considered to be one of the best-smelling cannabis strains, cheese is highly sought after.

The smoke from cheese is skunk-like that leaves a strong aftertaste of cheddar-cheese that lingers for a long time in the mouth. This is such an amazing experience, particularly with properly cultivated cheese strains using the right cheese cannabis seeds!

Medical Use

Cheese strain produces potent Indica effects with amazing relaxing properties that help regulate stress, relieve pain and stress and boost appetite. When taken in the right doses, this strain gives a light euphoria that relieves anxiety and depression. Higher doses relieve insomnia and other sleep-related issues by inducing sedation.

This cannabis strain is also popular for treating nausea, providing relief from muscle aches and pains caused by arthritis and improving mood. Effects produced by this strain act fast on you and create a full-body buzz to treat any minor ailments you might be suffering from. It is a highly uplifting strain that leaves the body stress-free and light with just a few puffs.

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