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Herbalism, Nutrition and Natural Health

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Combat Lifesaver

Our Combat Lifesaver course is taught live in the St. Louis/St. Charles, Missouri area. This online course presents the written material, which may be used as a primer, a supplement, or a review for our live classes.

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Combat Lifesaver (CLS) training is a bridge between an entry level first aid class, such as that taught by the American Red Cross, and the medical training given to  medics.  A Lifesaver is a non-medical provider of combat and/or back-country emergency first-aid and life-sustaining care, who can help a wounded or injured individual survive those first few crucial minutes or hours after he is injured, and help evacuate him to a medical facility where he can be treated by more highly trained medical personnel—particularly in medically under-served or back-country areas or under any circumstances in which medical help may not be readily available, such as in a “grid-down” situation or after a “SHTF” collapse event.

For those who successfully complete the entire course and demonstrate their proficiency in our field practicals (required), a “Combat Lifesaver” Certificate of Completion suitable for framing may be awarded.

We recommend you use this online portion of this course as a self-study primer and a review of the materials we cover in the live classes. These online classes will not make you proficient in the skills required of a Combat Lifesaver. That requires our live classes as well as this online course.

Test Course

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