Introduction to the Combat Lifesaver and Tactical Combat Casualty Care

This course are based on the Army’s Combat Lifesaver Course (Subcourse IS0871) Student Self-Study Booklet which can be downloaded in PDF format here.

Each of these lessons contains information needed to successfully perform one or more tasks that a combat lifesaver is required to perform.

After reading and studying the text assignment of a lesson, complete the lesson quiz at the end of the lesson. If possible, answer the quiz without referring back to the lesson text.

If the lesson exercises contain a performance exercise, practice performing the task (if possible) and have someone check your actions against the performance checklist. When you take the actual performance examination in the field, an instructor will grade your performance using checklists similar to those contained in this subcourse. Keep practicing until you can score a GO on all steps.
The use of scenario training that allows the Combat Lifesaver student to perform in his full battle gear for performance testing is encouraged.

Complete each lesson before proceeding to the next. Begin Lesson 1 by clicking on the first lesson topic below: