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The Anatomy and Physiology of Digestion

The digestive process begins with the senses. When we see and smell food, especially when we are hungry, our mouths begin to “water.” Saliva is secreted into the mouth from salivary glands located in the cheeks and jaw. Saliva contains the first enzymes that will act upon our food.

The first step of digestion is mastication, the chewing process. The food particles must be broken down into very tiny pieces and mixed with saliva in order for the enzymes to do their job. Many digestive disturbances could be avoided with proper chewing. In our fast-paced society most people eat too fast and swallow their food without proper mastication. When chewed properly food will be in an almost liquid form when swallowed.

Thought Question:

Many digestive disturbances of modern society could be avoided with the proper chewing of our food.


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