A Stands for Activate

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The human body has a remarkable inherent capability of self-repair, providing it has sufficient energy and raw materials. However, after years of stress or neglect, or from eating too many devitalized processed foods, the body’s self-repair mechanisms can become sluggish. Certain energy supplements can help wake up the body’s energy systems, stimulating its healing ability. These supplements include homeopathic formulations—including the Flower Remedies mentioned in the previous lesson, the essential oils used in aromatherapy, and the enzymes that are used to aid digestion.

Certain supplements are referred to as energy supplements because— rather than supplying nutritional “building blocks”—they provide energy which . . .

can “wake up” a sluggish body.
can “activate” the healing process.
can “stimulate” the body to begin the building and repairing process.
All of the above.

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