The Five Fundamentals of Health
The Five Fundamentals of Health

Our attitude is related to our internal dialogue—what we tell ourselves, either consciously or subconsciously, about ourselves and the people, circumstances and events around us. A positive attitude is a buffer against stress and disease. Numerous research studies have shown that a good attitude promotes a good immune system. A bad or negative attitude causes the body to release chemicals into the bloodstream that are inappropriate for the situation and detrimental to health. These will suppress the immune system and can lead to illness. Listen to your internal dialogue or “self talk” and become aware of the thoughts that are not helping you. Release those thoughts and trust that they will be replaced by others which will be more helpful. Spiritual practices and meditation are excellent ways for many of us to help us improve our attitudes.

Flower Remedies

Our attitude is also largely affected by past learning and memories of experiences that have had an emotional impact on us. Some of these memories are conscious but most are unconscious, lying just below our conscious thought level but nevertheless having a huge impact on our thoughts, attitudes and emotions. These memories continue to impact us for years, decades and even a lifetime in many cases. They are hard to reach on a conscious level, but easily reached on an emotional level. This is where flower remedies, a type of homeopathy utilizing the essence of flowers, may be helpful for many people. Nature’s Sunshine Products has a complete line of flower remedies which can have a positive impact on your emotions and attitudes. To determine the appropriate flower remedy for you, master herbalist Steven Horne has developed an assessment questionnaire that he has on his Tree of Light web site that you can use for free. Everyone who takes this course should take this assessment, if for no other reason to learn more about their emotional disposition. Click here to take the assessment: The Heart’s Key Emotional Assessment. After completing the assessment you can click on the link(s) below to learn more about  the appropriate flower remedy(s):

The characteristics, good or bad, of our attitudes lie almost entirely below the surface of the conscious mind, and most of them were implanted there when we were very young. So most people find that it isn’t as easy as one might think to change and improve our thought patterns. There isn’t a single person I know who couldn’t benefit, and improve their lives and their health, from some attitude work. Although this is a topic that is too complex to delve deeply into in this lesson, there are a couple of good books that I can recommend that you read. I’m sure there are many other good books on this subject, and if you find a different one that resonates with you then by all means follow the principles in that book. Below are the two books that I have found most helpful, partly because of both their simplicity, and also the effectiveness of their approaches,  and I recommend them to you: The Power of Your Subconscious Mind and The Power of Intention