The Five Fundamentals of Health
The Five Fundamentals of Health

We would not expect a builder to create a beautiful and sound structure if he was denied the materials and tools needed to complete such a project.  Neither should we expect this of our body. Nutrition provides the building blocks which our body−the builder−needs.  Not only are materials and tools needed, but the quality of those materials and tools are critically important, as determining  influences in the quality of the end result.

Earlier in this lesson I mentioned the body’s extracellular fluid—the fluid that bathes our cells providing them with a constant supply of nutrients and carrying away their waste products. All of the water and nutrients in this fluid come from the general circulation of blood, which in turn comes from what we take into the body. The quality of this extracellular fluid, and thus the quality of our internal environment, is determined by the choices we make. If a nutrient needed by a cell is not in the diet, and can not be produced by the body, it will not be available to the cell. The cell will not be able to perform its job properly and our health will suffer.

Is it necessary to supplement?

In order to maintain our maximum health potential throughout a lifetime, I believe that it is necessary to supplement our diets. Due to modern farming methods, overworking of the soil, and the depletion of beneficial bacteria in the soil by pesticide use, the foods we eat today are lacking in sufficient quantities of many trace minerals. Food processing techniques designed to extend shelf-life destroy many important nutrients—especially vitamins, enzymes and phytonutrients. Furthermore, for many of us a stressful lifestyle and polluted environment increases our need for certain vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients.

Today’s typical diet, although high in calories, is grossly lacking in the nutrients we require for good health. When we don’t get the nutrients we need we tend to overeat, in our body’s futile attempt to get what is lacking. Sometimes the effects of this malnutrition shows up in weight gain, or in difficulty in maintaining our ideal weight. Sometimes they don’t show up until later in life, when chronic diseases like heart disease, cancer, arthritis, and osteoporosis are most likely to occur. For most of us this shows up even now as a decreased ability to fight off disease and a general lack of energy and vitality.

Much of our food today is filled with toxic substances, including pesticides, heavy metals, preservatives, chemical additives and artificial ingredients, from a myriad of sources. In addition, we now have to be concerned with GMOs−Genetically Modified Organisms−and other assaults to our food, our health and our environment. It is now more important than ever to carefully read the labels, to be informed, and to make wise food choices−avoiding these harmful substances as much as possible and choosing natural and organic, non-GMO foods whenever we can.  Since, in today’s world it is impossible to do this perfectly, good supplementation and regular detoxification and cleansing are absolutely essential for optimum health.

We will cover nutritional supplementation more thoroughly in the remaining lessons of this course.