Conclusion to the ABC Plus D Approach

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We have seen that we can be symptom-free and still have weak areas in the body that can benefit from direct nutritional support.

 To Summarize the ABC Plus D Approach:

  1. Most people need to start with the C for Cleanse. One option is to begin with CleanStart, an easy and mild, yet complete, two-week cleansing and detoxifying program.
  2. Next, Activate the body’s self-healing ability with enzymes, and begin Building the body with a complete nutritional program. Nature’s Sunshine has also developed special combinations of products for activating and building. If you would like to build your own program I suggest you start with Proactazyme and Super Supplemental. Take the The Heart’s Key Emotional Assessment and consider adding a Flower Remedy to your program as well.
  3. Take the Online Health Assessment questionnaire and select a product or two (usually the Key Product or the System Pack) to support your weakest body system. This is the D for Direct aid, and should be done concurrently with the A and B portions of the program mentioned above.
  4. Remember, we are not treating symptoms, we are rebuilding the body’s healing capability. It takes time for the body to heal itself. Stick with your nutritional program for at least four months. Most herbalists recommend that you also add a month for every year that you have suffered from your present health concern. Don’t expect overnight results.
  5. Periodically retake the Online Health Assessment questionnaire (probably about once a month) to monitor your progress and to determine if adjustments need to be made to the direct aid portion of your program. For example, the original weak body system may show improvement, but another body system may now need direct support. (It is common to have more than one body system in need of support, but it is best to concentrate on only one, or maybe two, at a time.)
  6. Check with your doctor before changing any prescription drug routine. This program does not replace, but supplements, your regular health care.
  7. Lifetime Maintenance, including a regular cleanse with CleanStart, or another cleanse, is necessary to maintain your health. Ideally, you can continue with Super Supplemental, Proactazyme and Ionic Minerals to insure that your body gets the nutrients it needs for optimal health. Other products may be added to this program to fit your individual needs, including the appropriate Flower Remedy for emotional health.

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  1. aromatherapy
  2. enzyme
  3. fiber
  4. homeopathy
  5. meridian therapy
  6. phytonutrient


1. If you have not already done so, complete the Online Health Assessment questionnaire, to gain insight into your personal health status. After completing the assessment you may choose to explore the appropriate Key Product and System Pack link(s) which will appear on the Assessment results page.

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