Taking Responsibility

Many choose the path of ignorance,
for knowledge demands responsibility.
Many, otherwise educated,
choose ignorance in matters of health.
They are easy prey for the vampires of Aesculapius,
patiently awaiting the twilight,
to feast upon their children’s inheritance.


It is amazing that the average person knows more about the internal mechanisms of their automobile than they do about the physiology of their own body. This is a dangerous folly since you can always buy a new automobile, but you can never buy a new body. (Many try to buy new parts for the body, but these are poor substitutes for the original equipment.) It is only because we have been so unwilling to assume responsibility for our health that we have been so willing to hand it over to others.

Knowledge is power. In no area of life is this truer than in health care and maintenance. The more we know, the better equipped we will be to make intelligent decisions when we are presented with options. Being informed also means that we will be better equipped to make decisions regarding lifestyle choices—the foods we eat, the supplements we take, our activity level, thought processes, etc.—choices which are an important part of preventing disease and maximizing energy and health.